How to renew

Renewing loans

Login first!

  1. Choose Login in the top banner
  2. Login by using your Metropolia username and password or library card information
  3. After login click your name and Your Account in the top banner

In Checked Out Items page choose loans for renewal

  1. Tick the box(es) in front of the loan(s)
  2. Click Renew Selected Items
  3. Make sure that your loans will get a new duedate and text Renewal Successful appears

Staff members and automated renewing

  1. Staff members of Metropolia, Laurea and Haaga-Helia are within automated renewing service
  2. Loans are renewed automatically three days before the due date if possible
  3. Renewing is not conducted if there is a reservation for the book, fine limit (15 €) has been reached or renewal limit has been reached (15 times per loan)
  4. Staff members can not renew their loans in MetCat Finna

Renewal fails

  1. If there is a reservation for the book
  2. If you have renewed the book 15 times already
  3. If there are payments 15 € or more in your account
  4. If your overdue loans have been invoiced

Cannot renew yet in your loan list means that renewal is denied because it would not effect the due date. This prevents you from wasting renewal times if you for instance try to renew the same loan several times in same day.

If you belong to Laurea, Haaga-Helia or Metropolia staff, you can't renew loans in MetCat Finna. Read more about automated renewing service for staff memebers.

If you fail to renew, please return the book to the library before the next duedate. If you have any questions, email them to your campus library. Campus library email addresses follow the pattern libhyvinkaa[at], libleppaara[at] etc.